The Rise SA story.
Following success in the UK, the Rise SA team has launched Rise Business in South Africa.
Rise Business is a game-changing supply chain management software solution that helps business owners reduce stocks and increase net revenue.

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Rise SA was founded in 2014 in South Africa in response to a growing demand for cloud solutions. It’s been a great journey empowering companies and education providers on a system front.

The Rise SA team is an innovative system developer, a reliable implementation partner and a system integrator. Over the past 10 years, we have partnered up with customers and market leaders, to develop bespoke cloud business management software.

The Rise signature solutions are available in cloud and on-premise ranging from business management software to a bespoke school system to a mobile communicator app.
years of first-class experience
5 million
certified solutions developed worldwide
satisfied customers all over the world
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Skyrocket your business with Rise solutions
  • Award-winning platform
    Get immediate access to all your company data from ALL of your branches anytime and anywhere.
  • Mobile solutions
    Our mobile solutions are easily integrated with standalone (on-premise or cloud) solutions.
  • On-premise solutions
    Our solutions are on premise, which ensures enhanced data security, complete control, and privacy.
  • Cloud-based solutions
    Our solutions are cloud-based as well.
  • Data accuracy and reliability
    With Rise Solutions, you can always access your business data in no time. This makes your data highly relevant, accurate, and precise.

  • SQL
    All Rise Solutions products have their own highly contemporary SQL engine that gets updated regularly and is virtually error-free. What's more, it is fully compatible with other SQL DMS such as Microsoft, IBM, and other.
Choose Rise Solutions for all your business requirements

One platform - many solutions.
You can easily migrate to another solution as they are all on the same platform. This will save up your time and money.
Over 15 years of top-notch experience in software development, system integration, and accounting consulting.
Over 10 years of experience in traditional and digital marketing. We have collected all marketing materials for our clients and partners.
Over 15 years of professional expertise in financial management, accounting, tax, and compliance.
We provide high-end training and custom course development to your employees suited to your company needs.
We help to customize your software solutions towards your specific business requirements 2x faster than currently available on the market.
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Take a journey into 1C:ERP World Edition, flexible and powerful 1C:Enterprise-based app for Enterprise Resource Planning.
This course is for bookkeepers and accountants who are getting started with Rise Accounting in their day-to-day activities.
The course will help you to get started with Rise Business, a one-stop WMS system, in your day-to-day activities.
User guides on Rise Business, Rise Accounting, and Rise School Management in one place.
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