Rise School Management

Scale your school to new heights with a one-stop cloud-based system

Financial accounting + Administration + Reporting + Communicator in ONE place
Key highlights of Rise School Management
All-in-one cloud solution for educational institutions
Forget about duplications and
lengthy excel spreadsheets
Invoice all the school learners
at one click
Instant access to your school's financial position
Save hours of time with Bank Stream and automated 043-Forms
Parent-school communicator with automated billing for parents
Why Rise School Management
  • Award-winning platform named as a market leader by G2.
  • Years of expertise in training, custom course development, and onboarding.
  • Over 5 years of cooperation with schools and other educational institutions.
  • Held more than 100 school forums both offline and online.
  • Developed together with schools to meet their requirements.
Questions Often Asked
Who can use Rise School Management?

Rise School Management is a comprehensive solution for bursars, admin staff, principals, teachers, and parents. It's absolutely OK if you don't have any accounting background our system interface is user-friendly, so it will not take much time for you to get used to it. What's more, we provide trainings on RSM functionality as a part of onboarding process. As for the parents, they can take advantage of Rise School Communicator 100% free.

What modules does Rise School Management cover?

- Full accounting module for schools: automated WCED 043 form and Budget report, Bank stream (direct bank transactions upload), and financial reporting.
- Learner data module with reports, class lists, and statistics.
- Invoicing module: invoice the whole school in a few clicks.
- Parent-school communicator for teacher-parent communication, live billing, and sending statements online forget about overspend on paper and lots of statements.
- Discipline module with incidents, attendance record keeping, and marks.

What can I get if I use Rise School Management?

According to our customers, RSM helped them to:
- Increase thier school fees collection by 10%-15% annually.
- Cut the workload in half.
- Save time on generating WCED 043 form and Budget report.
- Stop keeping lengthy Excel spreadsheets.

For more info, see feedback.

Will Rise School Management work for our School?

What makes Rise School Management even better is that we can make changes to our system based on your specific requirements. Get in touch with us to find out how we can customize RSM to your School's needs.

Key Rise School Management Features

Learner Data Management

School-Parent Communication

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Learner data import tool
One-to-one chat function

Live bank feed

Access to learner data (grades, classes, and bios)

Rise School Communicator mobile app for the teacher-parent communication
Balance sheet, Income statement, and Trial balance reports
Attendance registration

Billing for parents directly in the app

Statements creation per class or grade
Marks reporting and behavior management
Parents can see progress reports on the Communicator or get them via email
Budget report: planned vs. actual expenses
No more paper, errors, and double capturing
Email your parents at one click and see whether the message is read or not
Chart of accounts customized to the school requirements
All the invoices, cash receipts, and other documents for each learner in one place
Events, resources for homework or any additional learning, and channels for classes/grades
Capture cash receipts, exemptions, or discounts for school fees, and print out or email them from the system

What Our Clients Say

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