Feel the difference with Amazon integration for 1C:ERP WE and Rise Business
Streamline your sales process
About Amazon integration for 1C:ERP WE and Rise Business
Most people have heard of Amazon as a leading marketplace for all kinds of unique products. If you have an online store on Amazon, you can take advantage of Rise systems and Amazon integration module which allows you to automate your sales process. With Amazon integration, you will be able to import goods to Amazon, export sales orders and update their statuses automatically. This makes data on the marketplace highly relevant and accurate and saves you plenty of time.

The extension is well compatible with 1C:ERP WE and Rise Business.

With Amazon integration module, you can:
  • Update prices and product balances in Amazon when they change in the application
  • Export sales orders from Amazon to the application
  • Automatically update sales order statuses in the application from Amazon
What's more, you can update products data and export orders from Amazon completely automatically according to a schedule.
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