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Take your business to the next level with 1C:ERP WE

1C:ERP WE is a powerful and flexible solution that helps large and medium-size businesses meet their challenges and grow faster. It easily integrates into existing company processes and is fully customizable to your specific needs.

Add Rise Sales to 1C:ERP WE or use it as a standalone to empower your sales team.

1C:ERP WE is great for businesses of any type: manufacturing, retail, wholesale, service, energy, medicine, textile, transportation, construction, and many other.

Learn more how to scale your business with 1C:ERP WE.

Scale Up Your Business with 1C:ERP WE

1C:ERP WE is a powerful and flexible solution that allows companies to meet the challenges of today’s business, achieve transparency of processes, and grow faster. It smoothly integrates into existing company processes, so there is no need to change them, and can be customized to your specific need as your business grows. 1C:ERP WE allows large and medium-size companies to automate all the diversity of their business processes, monitor key performance indicators, coordinate activities and interactions between company business units and warehouses.

1C:ERP WE offers a solid foundation for complex enterprise management systems, ensuring data-based decision making, business process transparency, and easy performance assessment on a company, department, or employee level.

Take advantage of the Rise Sales mobile app that ensures quick sales order registration and up-to-date order status information, and allows you to email orders to customers in one click and accept payments from customers. For more information on extensions available for 1C:ERP WE, see our blog.
  • Flexible solution for any specific business: manufacturing, retail, textile, transportation, construction and so on
  • Fast implementation (about 3-4 months) and affordable cost of ownership

  • Variety of reports and instruments for KPI tracking and business analysis

  • Easy to customize and integrate with a wide range of third-party solutions

Market Success
  • Productivity
    ● Increase in production output by 36%
    ● Increase in labor efficiency by 36%
    ● Reduced material resource expenses by 16%
    ● Reduced production costs by 9%
  • Overall efficiency
    ● Accelerated order processing by 75%
    ● Reduced order execution time by 26%
    Reduced operating and administrative costs by 17%
    ● Increase in revenue by 14%
  • Current assets
    ● Increase in warehouse turnover by 28%
    ● Reduced accounts receivable by 22%
    ● Reduced inventory by 24%
  • Reporting
    ● Management reports prepared 2.9 times faster
    ● GAAP reports prepared 2.8 times faster
Key 1C:ERP WE Features

Sales and Purchasing

  • Points of sale
  • Delivery and vehicles management
  • Sales forecasts and purchase plans
  • Sales profitability assessment
  • Backorder management
  • Consignment sales
  • Discrepancy management
  • Intercompany sales
  • Seasonal indexes


  • Production planning and control
  • Operational management for production stages
  • Production plans
  • Demand planning
  • Planned cost calculation
  • Product costing and detailed expense allocation to the cost of produced goods
  • Release without production orders
  • Subcontracting
  • Assembly and disassembly

Inventory and Warehouse Management

  • Advanced warehouse management

  • Bin location warehousing
  • Inventory replenishment parameters
  • Procurement strategies
  • Demand-driven orders

Financial Accounting and Analysis

  • Reporting according to IFRS principles

  • Multiple charts of accounts
  • Customizable posting schemas
  • Reporting by the whole enterprise and by separate companies
  • Detailed income and expense allocation
  • Custom budgeting entry forms and reports

CRM and Marketing

  • ABC/XYZ classification of customers
  • Sales opportunity management
  • Bulk emails and SMS
  • Business interactions with customers and suppliers
  • Marketing activities, channels and sources of advertizing impact
  • Questionnairs to conduct surveys among customers
  • Sales pipeline and funnels reports

Asset Management

  • Fixed and intangible assets
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Planned R&M orders
  • R&M requests
  • Fixed asset depreciation
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