Make the document capturing process much easier with RiseDoc
Save up time and prevent human errors commonly made when capturing
Why RiseDoc
  • Keep all your invoices in one place
  • Take pictures directly from your phone or select them from any folder
  • Save time on creating documents in Rise Accounting
  • Supported on Android and iOS
  • Prevent human errors commonly made when capturing
  • Search uploaded documents by date, number or amount
About RiseDoc
With the RiseDoc app, you can keep all your invoices in one place. If you are a Rise Accounting user, link it to RiseDoc to send recognized documents directly to your accounting system. In RiseDoc you can take pictures of physical invoices that you have on hand directly from your phone or upload them from your gallery or any specific document folder on your phone, and then send them to your accounting system.
For example: someone sent you a picture of an invoice on WhatsApp or on iMessage or even by Airdrop or Bluetooth, or perhaps you downloaded it into a document file. You can select these files and recognize them using the app. This will then allow you to make a document in Rise Accounting out of it.
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