Rise Sales for 1C:ERP WE and Rise Business
Register sales orders everywhere and on any device
Why Rise Sales

Fast and convenient order management

Customer base management

Goods and price management

Quick sales order registration
Register customers and their information

Add new goods or services during order acceptance

Up-to-date information about the order status

Make calls, send SMS and email to clients

Provide discounts as a percentage or amount

Send orders to customers by e-mail directly from the order
Email price lists to clients

Get information on the remaining goods when creating orders

Accept payments from customers
Always up-to-date client profile
Print documents and price lists
About Rise Sales
Rise Sales is a 1C:Enterprise-based mobile application for sales representatives who need to register orders from customers outside the office. In the application, you can easily register sales orders, payments from customers, and refund requests, as well as keep lists of customers, goods and prices.

The application interface is optimized for smartphones and tablets. You can use it as a standalone system or synchronize it with the system installed in the company's office. During synchronization, information about items, prices, customers, sales terms and order statuses is populated automatically.

With Rise Sales connected to your system, you can:
  • Register customers and their info: name, legal information, delivery terms (time and address), and contact details (name, address, phone, email).
  • Make calls, send SMS or emails to clients.
  • Keep a list of items, their prices, SKUs, units of measurement, VAT rates, and barcodes.
  • Automatically import prices from Microsoft Excel files.
  • Create sales orders for goods and services.
  • Send order information, invoices, and price lists to the client's email in .pdf or .mxl format.
  • Print documents and price lists.
  • Provide discounts as a percentage or amount.
  • Quickly view urgent, overdue, current and completed orders.
  • Accept payments from customers.
  • Register goods return requests from customers.
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