B&Q integration for 1C:ERP WE and Rise Business

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About B&Q integration for 1C:ERP WE and Rise Business
B&Q is one of the rapidly growing marketplaces in the UK and is already a leader in the DIY and Home categories. If you have an online store on B&Q, you can streamline your sales process with the B&Q integration module. This integration allows for automated imports of goods and their balances to B&Q, as well as exports of sales orders and automatic updates of their statuses. As a result, the marketplace's data becomes more relevant and accurate, while saving you valuable time.

The extension is fully compatible with 1C:ERP WE and Rise Business.

With the B&Q integration module, you can:
  • Update prices and product balances in B&Q when there are changes in the application
  • Export sales orders and customers from B&Q to the application
  • Automatically update sales order statuses in the application from B&Q
What's more, you can schedule automatic updates of products data and order exports from B&Q.
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