4 Factors to Consider When Doing Custom Development for Your Company

By Rise SA Team, July 07, 2021
Custom development has become essential for many businesses, including educational institutions, as it allows for the fulfillment of unique and specific requirements that off-the-shelf software cannot address.

Custom development has the potential to be highly advantageous for both employees and management by meeting the specific needs of customers. It can save significant time on performing day-to-day activities, enhance existing processes, streamline workflows, and contribute to the overall success of the organization. By automating tasks such as fee collection and customer communication, custom development can increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

With that said, there are certain challenges and factors to consider when searching for the suitable software provider and starting this journey.

1. Global reputation

If a company has a global reputation, it can provide reassurance to customers due to multiple factors.

Firstly, it signifies that the software developer will do their best to perform a good job since global companies are held to higher standards of accountability. Secondly, they can benefit from the expertise of similar projects worldwide. Additionally, being a part of a global network of companies allows the provider to collaborate with partners in different countries, taking advantage of their knowledge and skills. This collaboration can greatly enhance the success of the custom development, not just in the present situation but also in the long term.

2. Resources of the software development company

2.1 People

Do the developers have the necessary expertise? Are they experienced with custom development? How many years of experience in software development do they have under their belt?

2.2 Technologies

What tools and technologies does the software development company use? Is the development process solely reliant on their in-house coding efforts, or do they use a global development platform that offers advanced their capabilities?

2.3 Investment capital

Custom development involves significant costs and resource allocation. We recommend that you verify whether the software development company has sufficient investment capital to support their operations.

3. Turnaround time

Is the company going to deliver towards your timeframe and your needs? This is crucial and has to be communicated beforehand to ensure the development is completed on time.

4. Track record of previous custom development projects

It is also important to consider the company's track record of previous custom development projects: How many projects they have completed? Were they relevant to your industry? Do they deliver what was specified in the requirements?

Considering these questions will help you make a well-informed decision when opting for custom development. If you need custom development for your institution, you can contact the Rise SA team who develops on the highly acclaimed 1C:Enterprise platform that was awarded a 2020 Frontrunner by Gartner.

The Rise SA team develops fast, efficiently and towards customer specific requirements. We have a proven track record with successful customization projects for education providers in both one-stop and ERP-class systems.

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