Rise Accounting implementation for South African guesthouse

Luniscope is a company which specializes in management of The Ocean View Guesthouse in Cape Town, South Africa. Luniscope gives assurance of a comfortable stay and a delightful experience to all the guests visiting the guesthouse. It accommodates both domestic and international guests who are looking to have a relaxing time in the city.
Before acquiring the Rise Accounting software and accounting services, Luniscope struggled to keep track of the daily expenses made to enhance customer experience as well as ensuring that the revenue had been correctly accounted for.

With our help, the guesthouse’s sales, discounts, expenses, assets, and liabilities are accurately classified, organized, and safely kept in one place. The information is regularly backed up automatically. The guesthouse now provides customers with invoices, statements, and receipts, which was not the case in the past as everything was done manually. It is also able to control which partner brings more clients and assists the greatest with the yearly sales.

Additionally, with the assistance of our accounting consultant, who understands the nature of each transaction, the guesthouse can pay to suppliers and make submissions to relevant authorities on time. Rise SA also prepares the yearly financial statements required for submission, as well as for all the related parties. This allows these parties to understand how the company has performed during the year, as well as analyze its current position.

The implementation project allowed the company to get the following results:

  • Increased data accuracy.
  • Automated generation of invoices, statements, and receipts for customers.
  • Sales figure analysis by sales representatives.
  • Reduced time for preparing financial statements for submission to authorities.
  • Decreased time required to prepare the actual data for analyzing the current company position.

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