Rise Business in a Nutshell: Overview of Modules

By Rise SA Team, October 03, 2023
Looking for a comprehensive ERP system that covers all your business needs? Look no further than Rise Business!

Rise Business is an effective ERP-class solution based on a modern 1C:Enterprise platform. It offers everything from procurement to financial management and incorporates the best international practices. The interface is available in 4 languages: Russian, English, Polish, and Italian.

The Rise Business system is the ultimate solution for top managers looking to streamline their international business operations. With this system, you can seamlessly integrate all your business processes and information resources into one powerful mechanism, all while keeping costs low.

Rise Business offers a wide range of benefits, including:
  • Streamlined planning, data collection and processing across all areas of your company's activity.
  • Timely delivery and fulfillment of obligations.
  • Up-to-date and reliable information from a single, consistent base to make informed managerial decisions at all levels quickly and efficiently.
  • Role-based access and user interaction, active integration with external data sources and services.

In this article, we will give you an overview of the Rise Business functionality for top managers striving to automate their international business.

Key Rise Business Features

Rise Business integrates all business processes through its functional blocks (subsystems). These subsystems work together to optimize your entire company's operations. Let's explore each subsystem and its unique features.

The Planning subsystem is designed to streamline inventory management. It enables you to create and maintain sales forecasts, kitting schedules, and purchase plans for different scenarios. With this tool, you can easily generate replenishment orders. Planning is one of the three essential replenishment tools, along with warehouse balance maintenance and backorders.

This subsystem empowers your sales, procurement, and warehousing teams.

CRM and marketing

This Rise Business subsystem is aimed at maximizing the potential of each client and partner for the benefit of the company. It works hand in hand with the Sales subsystem, which uses CRM settings to establish customer sales terms and conditions.

The CRM and marketing subsystem boasts a variety of tools that regulate sales processes and customer segmentation, build pricing, discount, and bonus program systems, handle customer complaints, conduct questionnaires and marketing activities, and manage the assortment of retail stores.

The functionality is designed for wholesale and marketing departments, retail sales department, and related services to ensure maximum success for your company.


The sales management subsystem is an ultimate solution for the company's sales departments. It covers both wholesale and retail sales.

Wholesale allows you to:
  • Build a distribution network using flexible settings and pricing schemes, shipment and payment terms, controls of credit limits and payment delays, and data analysis through various reports.
  • Work with each customer, monitoring the status of order fulfillment and AR/AP accounting, reserving goods under sales orders, monitoring sales conditions when processing documents, printing supporting documents, and so on.
  • Plan sales by items and item categories, take into account seasonal indexes (CRM settings).

Retail sales are made easy with our system's assortment management, cashier workplace, and connection of any POS equipment. Rise Business provides you with all methods of increasing customer loyalty: discount cards, gift certificates, bonus programs, and more.


The procurement management subsystem tackles two crucial tasks: calculating and fulfilling demand in a timely manner, and efficiently interacting with vendors for purchasing and payment.

The Purchasing module is packed with features to streamline your procurement department's workflow. It covers all stages of the purchasing manager's work, including:
  • Vendor relationship management, monitoring goods in transit, uninvoiced deliveries, VMI procurement, and so on.
  • Preparing contracts, terms of purchase, keeping the list of products and vendor prices.
  • Maintaining procurement strategies and inventory replenishment parameters.

What's more, integration with the Warehouse and delivery and Planning modules ensures that your procurement process runs smoothly.

Warehouse and delivery

The subsystem offers two essential functionalities that work together to streamline your operations:
  • Managing warehouses of any complexity. You can create simple and advanced warehouses with complex topology and picking/put-away rules.
  • Delivery. You can organize delivery to the customer/to the carrier, from the supplier/from the carrier, or by the carrier.

The warehouse functionality ensures the effective operations of managers and warehouse workers, supporting all warehouse documents and operations, including:
  • Goods receipt to the warehouse, including put-away to storage bins.
  • Shipment from the warehouse, including picking from storage bins.
  • Internal transfers, inventory count, and other using barcodes.
  • Kitting/Reverse kitting.

The delivery management module is designed to make the job of transport logisticians a breeze. You can easily set delivery zones, vehicles, and their characteristics, issue delivery orders, and monitor the delivery status. Whether you're delivering to customers or carriers, from suppliers or carriers, or by carrier, our system has got you covered.


The Treasury subsystem is typically used by accountants and provides them with such tools as:
  • The Payment request document that can be approved by authorized personnel.
  • The Cash forecast workplace for real-time financial management and planning.
  • Cash flow limits.
  • AR/AP offsets, adjustments, and reconciliations.
  • Operations with cash and bank accounts, including acquiring.
  • Operations with advance holders and expense reports.
  • Loan and deposit contracts.

Profitability and cost

The financial result is calculated based on revenue and other income less the cost of goods sold, management and other expenses. This process is automated through the Month-end closing procedure, saving you time and effort.

This subsystem is a must-have for financial service workers, accountants, management accountants, as well as for managers at all levels. With the Performance dashboard, you can quickly access key metrics and insights on your company's performance. Set targets, track deviations, and analyze trends to make data-driven decisions that drive growth and profitability.

Master data and settings

In this subsystem, you can:
  • Enable the settings that suit your unique business needs.
  • Fill essential system catalogs, such as Companies, Items, Partners, Business units, Bank accounts, Warehouses, Cash accounts.
  • Use other system-wide settings and operations, for example, input opening balances, create user profiles and set up their access rights, connect external reports and data processors, and so on.

Other features

Rise Business offers a wide range of advanced features. With our software, you can:
  • Import opening balances, including goods in warehouses, cash balances on bank and cash accounts, settlements with counterparties, and other.
  • Send emails and SMS, create notes and reminders.
  • Distribute custom reports on schedule.
  • Handle files of any formats.
  • Connect any POS equipment: cash registers, barcode scanners, customer displays, electronic scales, data collection terminals.
  • Keep track of database changes with our versioning feature.
  • Prevent unauthorized changes to your system data with the Period-end closing date feature.
  • Run scheduled job (scheduled data processing procedures), for example, to update segments, delete irrelevant data, import exchange rates, and so on.
  • Use distributed infobases.
  • Take advantage of EDI with counterparties using digital signatures and encryption.
  • Keep multi-currency accounting.


As you can see, Rise Business is great for e-commerce, service, and wholesale businesses of any complexity. Our application can be tailored to meet national standards and regulations, making it perfect for international use.

With our extensive experience in 1C:Enterprise-based applications, The Rise team will customize the functionality of Rise Business to suit your specific business needs. We also offer seamless integration with third-party solutions and comprehensive employee training. Contact us today to learn more about Rise Business implementation services we offer. Don't wait - rise to the top with Rise Business!

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