Picking and put-away strategies in Rise Business

By Rise SA Team, February 14, 2024
It is crucial to automate warehouse processes to streamline warehouse logistics. Rise Business, a comprehensive WMS solution, offers advanced picking and put-away strategies to simplify putting-away goods into storage bins and picking them for shipment.

When deciding where to place goods in the warehouse, you have to consider various factors, namely:
  • Special storage conditions, such as temperature control or product compatibility.
  • Item packages in which you keep the goods (boxed, bags, pallets, rolls, sheets, and other).
  • Varying turnover rates.
  • Different dimensions and carrying capacities of storage bins.
Each of these parameters necessitates unique placement rules. With Rise Business, you can rely on the system to handle these complexities, determining the most efficient storage locations, ensuring optimal warehouse organization. In this article, you will find out how to create picking and put-away strategies in Rise Business and how the system uses them to select the best location for your items in the warehouse.

Setting up picking and put-away strategies in advanced warehouses

  1. In the Warehouses and stores catalog, create an advanced warehouse. Specify that storage bins are used.
2. Create a Put-away strategy and specify a Storage area.
In the storage area, specify put-away and picking priorities. The lover the value, the higher the priority.

In my example, we first put all the goods in single product bins. If all of them are filled in, we can put products into mixed storage bins (such bins already contain the product we want to put into this bin). If those are also full, we put goods to empty bins. Finally, if there are no other options, will put the products in storage bins with other goods.

As for picking priorities, we first pick products from bins where there is the smallest quantity of this product to free up the bin. Secondly, we pick goods from those bins where they are stored together with other goods. And finally, we take products from bins where only this product is stored.

If required, you can set up what you understand by a single product bin:
  • Bin with the same item
  • Bin with the same item and variant (for example, blue and white T-shirts will be kept separately)
  • Bin with the same item, variant, and batch
3. In a put-away strategy, create and fill a Warehouse group of products. In the warehouse group of products, select how to store goods received for different assignments. Also specify what will be taken into account when putting-away goods: weight, volume, or both.
4. In a put-away strategy, specify whether packaging units will be used. If yes, fill a Warehouse group of packaging units. Save the put-away rule.
5. Create storage bins. There are two ways to create them: manually or using the Warehouse topology generation workplace. For each storage bin, specify a warehouse area it belongs to and its standard size with volume and carrying capacity.
6. In item card, specify the Warehouse group.

Put-away and picking process

  1. In Warehouse and delivery - Receipt, based on the Goods receipt in the Accepted status, generate an Intra-warehouse transfer.

2. As the put-away strategy was previously created, the system automatically fills storage bins in the document based on this put-away strategy. You can change them if necessary.

3. Post the document in the Fully completed status.

Goods shipment documents are created in a similar way but in the Shipment workplace.

Put-away - Bin location report

With this report, you can analyze the fullness of storage bins by quantity, volume, and weight, provided that the data for each item (weight, volume) is filled correctly.
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