New Dev Update: Bank Stream Improvements in Rise Accounting and Rise School Management

By Anna Toma, Rise SA Team, Jul 27, 2020
Bank Stream or Bank Feed is one of the most crucial and important parts of the all-in-one accounting
cloud-based solution for SMEs, Rise Accounting and Rise School Management, an all-in-one for Schools.

Bank Stream is a copy of a customers' bank copy that is pulled to the system to enable a user to access all
their transactions from one place. The user is then able to assign them to the correct customer and supplier accounts.

Here are more details on the recently developed changes and improvements in the Bank Stream.

1. The columns Account Code and New, Match or Split have interchanged.
The reason this change has been made is that a user is not able to approve a transaction without specifying an Account Code. But you can approve a transaction without a document. Therefore, an Account Code is the most important thing when approving a transaction in the Bank Feed.

If you are matching or splitting a transaction, the Account Code will be automatically filled. If however you are assigning a transaction to the General Ledger, the Account Code is then really important for a user to be able to approve the transaction.

2. Settings Button

The Settings button has been moved from the top right corner to where it is now, as shown on the screenshot below.
If you click Settings, the pop up window will appear and you can customize your Bank Stream
by adding additional columns for your convenience.
By ticking a box opposite Payment method, you will be adding this column to your Bank Stream. You can also add other columns that are in the pop up window.

3. Period of time can now be customized

Another valuable addition in the Bank Stream in Rise Accounting and Rise School Management is the fact that a user is now able to customize a period of time that they would like to work with in the Bank Feed.

As show in the screenshot below, it is especially helpful if you are just starting to work with the Bank Stream,
you can customize a period of time you wish to see in the Bank Stream:
Once you specify a period of time on the Calendar that will appear in the pop up window, you need to click Refresh. As mentioned, this functionality should be used at the beginning when you are setting up the Bank Stream.

Once you have transactions, you should refrain from doing it,as you might lose transactions that you already have in the Bank Stream.

4. Matching of Documents in the Bank Stream

Let's say we need to match a transaction to multiple invoices for a specific supplier.
4.1 Select a supplier under Customer/Supplier. Once you do it, you will see that the Account Code will be automatically filled in with the Supplier Control Account.
You can then select several invoices on the screen above.

Once you select the four invoices in the screen above, there will be an unmatched amount of R46.50. Just click Match and you will see that those invoices have been matched to this transaction, as shown below:
The system will then automatically matched the unmatched amount of R46.50. The supplier control account is added automatically.

So all you need to do is to click Approve.

4.2 Splitting a transaction.

If you need to split a transaction, click Split.
Click Add as shown above and select the Supplier that will appear in the drop-down window. Customer Control Account will be filled in automatically and you've got an amount of R4179.08

The invoices that you have matched in 4.1 have disappeared from the list of all the available invoices.

We can select one invoice at a time, as shown on the screenshot below:
There is a difference of R1509,06 as shown below:
We can improve the transaction above even with the difference that is marked on red. Just click OK.

The system will give you a second line with an empty Account Code and an empty Supplier.
You need to select Bank Charges or other account, as per your requirements, and approve it.

4.3 Another way of Splitting a transaction.

Click Split. Now click Match, as shown below:
Once you click Match, you will see a list of all the transactions. Go to Company and select a supplier.

You can then select 2 or 3 invoices from the drop-down list. Once done, you will have an unmatched amount of R294,93:
Click Match. The system will split it automatically and it gives you a difference. Click Add to do splitting as normal. For example, this outstanding amount should be assigned to the Bank Charges account. Then click Approve.

Important: The new functionality enables you to select multiple invoices at once, instead of going into each line and selecting it one by one, when you split transactions in the Bank Feed.

4.4 A third way of splitting a transaction in the Bank Feed.

Click Split, then click Add in the pop up window. Click Document in the pop up window for splitting.
Once you select an invoice, you can enter own amount under Amount next to R1250.

Previously, you could not change the amount once you've selected the Document.

The new functionality will help you to manage Bank Stream better.

Now you can also match your transaction to several invoices, for example to a few supplier invoices. Even if you have an unmatched amount, you can still click ok so that this transaction gets approved.

The unmatched amount will then need to be filled in by you, as it has been shown above already.

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