Gartner Software Advice: For 3 consecutive years - the platform the Rise SA team uses - gets nominated a FrontRunner

By the Rise SA Team, Mar 31, 2022
Get excited with us.

We are thrilled to share with you. The platform that the Rise SA team uses for all our solutions has been nominated as a 2022 FrontRunner for BPM Market on Software Advise.

Last year it was nominated as such that has made us all proud and excited.

What is more - and even more exciting for this matter - is the fact that it has been nominated as a FrontRunner for 3 consecutive years.
This is quite exciting as it is a testimony that the platform is powerful and empowers partners and customers to access top notch quality cloud solutions that address customers’ challenges and solve their problems.

1C:Enterprise is a universal cloud and on-premise system of programs for automating a company’s financial and wider operational activities.

Here are more details on how the platform works and its components.

BPM is defined by Gartner as “a discipline that uses various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve and optimize business processes. More details can be viewed here directly on Software Advice.

BPM is key to aligning IT investments with the business strategy. As researched by Gartner, businesses that use BPM are more likely to grow.
Source: Software advice

The Rise SA team offers innovative clooud solutions that have been developed together with our customers to address their pertinent current challenges. Feel free to get in touch to engage if you have questions.

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